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Whimzees Dental Stix

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Product description

Problems like bad breath, tartar, and plaque are often found in pet dogs. Many people indulge in professional teeth cleaning to get rid of these issues but keeping your canines oral hygiene in check is not as difficult as you might feel. Start feeding Whimzees Stix to your pet and observe a gradual and positive change in its teeth and gum health. Dog dental chews help in eradicating various problems, such as bad odour, pain, saliva build-up, and irritated gums. Along with these benefits, the sticks also keep your pooch happy! 

Each pack of Whimzees Dental Stix include green alfalfa extract (six Bs, vitamins K, C, and beta-carotene) that keep your dogs urinary and digestive systems healthy. It also includes annatto extract (rich in antioxidants) to ensure a healthy immune system. The sticks also have a malt extract that adds a natural flavour. Along with these extracts, the dental sticks also include potato starch, yeast, powdered cellulose, glycerin, and lecithin for oral health. The sticks do not include any artificial additives, gluten, meat, or GMO; thus, serving the real deal to your canine companion.

An ideal choice for dogs older than 9 months, these dental dog sticks are rich in fibre and low in sugar and calories. Serve only one treat every day to keep your pets intake in check.


Product Benefits

  • Natural ingredients keep your dogs oral health in check
  • Low in sugar and calories but high content of fibre
  • Uniquely shaped for proper blood flow and prevention of bad breath
  • Minimises oral health problems like tartar and plaque
  • Grain-free so that dogs with a sensitive stomach can easily chew them
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Whimzees Dental Stix


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