About us

Our Mission

Oh Doggy’s mission is to provide our customers with a great selection of high quality dog products and food at the best possible price. We provide a unique shopping experience for our customers with an online store that is well stocked with healthy and natural treats for healthy and happy dogs. We want to provide the education and loving support to our customers so that they will have the knowledge to care for and enjoy their dogs. We at Oh Doggy are dog enthusiasts who are inspired to make a difference to the lives of dogs and their people with healthy, eco-responsible and locally sourced products.  


Our Story

Oh Doggy is a specialist online dog shop which makes healthy pet choices convenient for owners. Starting life as a shop in our Doggy Daycare we ventured online during the COVID pandemic that swept the planet. With our Doggy Daycare’s forced closure, unfortunately our small shop went too. We decided it was time to help customers worldwide make better choices when it came to their fur children!

Our Daycare was established in 2016, providing a positive and fun environment for dogs during the day as well as training classes in the evenings. We have helped owners in every aspect of their dog’s well being and the one thing that is apparent is that dog nutrition is a minefield. The most caring and diligent dog owner can fall victim to great marketing from large corporations. Especially when larger pet stores sell everything and anything that makes them profit.

So, we decided to keep our range small and focused - if it is on our site, it is healthy! We take great care choosing what to stock in our shop, spending time researching our products so that we can best advise our customers and provide them with only the best. On all of our dog food you will see a nutrition percentage score from All About Dog Food - this is an independent site that scores foods based on their nutritional value.

At Oh Doggy we want to make healthy pet choices convenient while educating and providing support to our customers in the process. We provide bundles to make buying multiple items simple, subscription boxes to make trialling new treats easier and we offer a subscription service on all of our dog food so you never run out again. But our main goal is to provide as much help to caring owners as we possibly can.

If you need any advice, please contact our team of experts who will be more than happy to help.

The Oh Doggy Team