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Tribal Fresh Pressed Adult Chicken Complete Dog Food

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Product description

Formulated with digestibility in mind, Tribal pet foods are complete, super premium foods that are meat meal free, grain-free, hypoallergenic and 100% natural.

The Fresh Pressed™ Difference

Unlike most dry dog foods, Tribal takes human-grade ingredients and cooks them at lower temperatures for a shorter period of time, compared to the standard method known as extrusion. Using lower cooking temperatures preserves more of the nutrients in the food, making it easier to digest. As the kibble doesn’t expand once it enters the stomach this reduces discomfort for sensitive tummies.

Meat Meal Free

In comparison to other cold pressed foods, Tribal’s unique Fresh Pressed™ cooking process uses only human-grade, sustainably sourced meat and fish. These fresh and natural sources of protein are highly nutritious and easier to digest compared to using meat meal, which is sourced by processing discarded animal parts from the human food chain. Due to animal health regulations, meat meal must be cooked at extremely high temperatures, reducing it's nutritional value and digestibility.

Premium Ingredients

All Tribal dry foods contain sweet potato as their main source of carbohydrates. A low glycaemic index means that it provides slow-release energy throughout the day. It’s also an excellent source of fibre and vitamins A, C and B6. MSC Certified blue whiting and salmon oil also form part of the core ingredients and these provide a number of benefits: antioxidants boost the immune system whilst Omega 3 and 6 are great for skin and coat health as well as brain development.

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Tribal Fresh Pressed Adult Chicken Complete Dog Food


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