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KONG Extreme Tough Dog Chew Toy

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Representing the most durable strength of KONG rubber and a staple toy for super strong chewers the KONG Extreme Black has been designed for the toughest of jaws, offering daily enrichment and providing a mentally stimulating challenge for every day play.
A unique, natural, ultra-durable black rubber formula to ensure a tough chew and play toy for the most determined of chewers KONG Extreme offers tons of enrichment for dogs of all sizes, specifically developed with aggressive chewers and strong dogs in mind helping to satisfy their instinctual needs to chew and play.  Offering an erratic bounce it is ideal for dogs that love to chew but also love to play, meeting all of their instinctual needs in one extremely satisfying, stimulating and enticing toy.

Designed for the toughest of power chewers to fulfil their natural canine instincts and needs the KONG Extreme is perfect for games of fetch as well as enriching chewing sessions, with playtime extended when used with tasty treat such as pate. It offers an unpredictable bounce perfect for long lasting active play, and provides a daily dose of mental stimulation and enrichment by helping to satisfy your dogs’ instinctual needs whilst withstanding the roughest and toughest of chewers and play sessions.

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KONG Extreme Tough Dog Chew Toy


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