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Fettle Whole Goats Milk Powder for Dogs

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Product description

An extra healthy delicious immune boosting supplement, ideal for picky eaters. 100% natural whole cream goat's milk, nothing else. 250g pouch.

  • crafted from 1 natural, whole-food ingredient
  • abundant in natural probiotics, vital vitamins, and enzymes
  • can be used as a topper, treat or enrichment
  • makes 5-7 litres of milk once rehydrated
  • cupboard & travel friendly
  • 30 servings per pouch
  • suitable for dogs & cats of all ages

How much do I need

Sprinkle powder over food or mix well with warm water. Add 1 tbsp of powder to 1 cup warm water to create 235ml of reconstituted goats milk. Use 55ml liquid per 10kg body weight. Can be sprinkled dry over meals: 1 teaspoon (daily) per 2.5kg of weight.

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Fettle Whole Goats Milk Powder for Dogs


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