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Applaws Adult Dog Food - 2kg Chicken with Lamb

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Applaws gives your dog a high protein meat diet in a dry food with a protein level comparable to that of fresh chicken & lamb. Diets that use high levels of cereal as their source of protein can be hard for dogs to digest and to metabolise. This may cause stress to the liver and kidneys and could lead to sensitivities or allergies. Cereals and grains are also high in carbohydrates. The high level of carbohydrates found in some food can produce surges in blood sugar, which may lead to hyperactivity and could see your dog becoming overweight.

Applaws Complete Dry Dog Food contain no cereal or grains. Applaws also contains an active Pro-biotic which may encourage the presence of protective and friendly bacteria in the gut. As well as being naturally hypoallergenic, it contains purified beta glucan from yeast to help improve the immune system. Natural Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids nourish your dog's coat which helps in producing a stunning silky appearance while maintaining healthy skin texture.

Applaws Complete Dry Food is enriched with natural DHA and EPA extracts from Salmon Oil. DHA consitutes one of the 'building blocks' of the brain, forming 8% of the brain by weight. EPA works similarly to DHA as an essential nutrient and is considered to be one of the single most vital nutrients in the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

Applaws can help you dog maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Low carbohydrate can mean less build up of body fat. High natural meat protein can help produce lean muscle tissue encouraging your dog to reach its true genetic potential.

Adult Small and Medium Breeds Chicken with Lamb 2kg.

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Applaws Adult Dog Food - 2kg Chicken with Lamb


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