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Antos Antler Split

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The Antos Split Antler Dog Chew is made from Red and Fallow deer antler, most of which comes from Scottish Highland herds. Antos simply clean and cut the antlers to various sizes and weights for your dog to chew on. There are no chemicals used in the cleaning process and any sharp points have been removed to make them safe.

Deer antler is a healthy chew, they are long lasting and full of minerals and calcium. Antos antlers satisfy your dog’s urge to chew whilst also helping to strengthen and clean their teeth. Your dog will grind down the antler over time meaning there is very little mess and the antlers have no odour.

Please note, as these are naturally grown chews, no two antlers will be the same. Some are darker brown whilst others are a softer greyish.white. They also come in various shapes and sizes, and come from a sustainable, natural source. These shapes are then sorted into weight categories, as seen below.

Choose from:

  • Small 30-50gm
  • Medium 51-80gm
  • Large 81-120gm

Composition: 100% Deer Antler