Animology Top Dog Conditioner 250ml-simple-Oh Doggy

Animology Top Dog Conditioner 250ml

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A stand alone conditioner for dogs, Animology Top Dog Conditioner is enriched with vitamins to leave your dogs coat soft, shiny and healthy.
    • Easy rinse

    • Detangling

    • pH balanced

    • Moisturising

    • Contains pro-vitamin B5

Contains pro-vitamin B5Ideal for use in conjunction with any of the Animology range of shampoos, the Animology Top Dog conditioner is formulated with high quality ingredients, and contains Pro-Vitamin B5 to help improve the health, strength and condition of the coat.  It features “easy-rinse” technology which keeps washing time to a minimum, and effectively detangles and replenishes moisture for a shiny, healthy coat and a dog that truly sparkles inside and out.