Meet BUDDY - the beautiful Golden Lab

Name - Buddy
AKA - Mummas boy, puppy, Handsome Mans
Breed - Labrador
Age - 15 Months



Favourite Treats

FISH STICKS are his absolute favourite, anything fishy he loves including JR salmon pate. Hooves, buffalo horns and antlers are also a big hit in our house as Buddy LOVES to chew!

Favourite Toy

Buddy's favourite toy very much depends on his mood, some days he absolutely loves carrying balls around, other days he will bring you a nylabone, as long as it fits in his mouth and is durable he’s happy. Cuddly toys don’t last long with Buddy around, they seem to explode.


Buddy is raw fed, his hoomans switched to raw as he's such a fussy eater and has such a sensitive tummy. Buddy's hoomans went through endless different kibbles and he would turn his nose up at it, it also didn’t agree with his tum!

Raw has worked perfect for Buddy!

About Buddy

He is the most loveable dog you could meet, he loves being cuddled, he likes to sleep when he’s curled up next to you and will paw you to keep stroking him. He’s such a foodie inside the house and will take you to his treat cupboard. He knows a few tricks including Paw, Spin, Down, Sit, Centre, Beg, Paws up, High5, Speak and will do any of these for food.

Outside he’s a little different and is like a social butterfly, he just wants to go play and stops being food motivated, his hoomans have organised some training in order to work on Buddy's recall!

Buddy has stolen our hearts and we are so happy to have him as part of the Oh Doggy team - just look at his wee face!