Getting Ready For The Warmer Weather: Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

Getting Ready For The Warmer Weather: Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool

As the temperature rises and summer approaches, it's essential to ensure your furry friend stays comfortable and cool. At Oh Doggy, we understand the importance of keeping dogs safe and happy during the warmer months. Here are some tips, product suggestions, and advice to help you and your dog enjoy the summer season.

1. Hydration is Key

One of the most crucial aspects of keeping your dog cool is ensuring they stay hydrated. Dogs can become dehydrated quickly in hot weather, so always provide access to fresh, clean water.

Product Suggestion: Consider investing in a portable water bottle for dogs for your summer walks and adventures. These are perfect for walks and outings, ensuring your dog has water on the go. Our top picks are the Pawise 500ml Travel Dog Water Bottle, designed with a built-in bowl for easy drinking, and the Beco Collapsible Travel Dog Water Bowl which folds flat to easily pop into your bag when not in use.

For at-home hydration, we love the All For Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain Dog Bowl for splashy fun while drinking. 

2. Provide Shade and Cool Resting Spots

Whether in your back garden or on a hike, always make sure your dog has access to a shaded area to rest. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to heatstroke and other heat-related issues.

3. Cooling Mats and Beds

Cooling mats and beds are a great way to help regulate your dog's body temperature. These products typically use gel technology or water to provide a cooling effect that lasts for hours.

Product Suggestion: The Ancol Cooling Dog Mat is a best-seller in our shop. It's pressure-activated and requires no refrigeration, making it an easy and effective way to keep your dog cool.

4. Cooling Apparel

To help your dog stay cool, consider some apparel specifically designed to help keep your dog cool in the warmer weather. We're big fans of the All For Paws Chill Out Cooling Dog Bandana and the Ancol Cooling Dog Coat, which can be soaked in cold water and will cool your dog down as the water evaporates, and the All For Paws Chill Out Cooling Dog Vest which has UV reflecting properties thanks to its silver colour, helping to prevent your dog overheating.

5. Adjust Exercise Routines

During the hottest parts of the day, try to limit your dog's exercise to early morning or late evening when temperatures are lower. This helps prevent overheating and ensures your dog enjoys their exercise time.

6. Fun in the Water

Many dogs love playing in the water, which is a great way to cool off. Whether it's a dip in the pool, a run through the sprinkler, or a trip to the beach, make sure your dog enjoys some water fun safely.

Product Suggestion: All For Pets Chill Out Splash & Fun Dog Pool is perfect for home use. It's durable, easy to set up, and provides endless fun for water-loving dogs. Available in sizes Medium and Large.

7. Protect Their Paws

Hot pavement can burn your dog's paws, so try to walk them on grass or dirt paths. If you must walk on the pavement, do so in the morning or later in the evening when the pavements are cooler. If in doubt, hold your palm to the pavement - if it is too hot for you to comfortably hold your palm on the ground then it is too hot for your dog to walk on.

8. Keep an Eye on the Signs of Heatstroke

It's crucial to be aware of the signs of heatstroke in dogs, which include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, vomiting, and collapse. If you notice any of these signs, move your dog to a cool area immediately and contact your vet.


Keeping your dog cool and comfortable in the warmer weather is vital for their health and well-being. At Oh Doggy, we offer a range of products designed to help you care for your dog during the summer months. From cooling mats to portable water bottles, our selection ensures you and your dog can enjoy the season safely. Visit us in-store or online to explore our full range of summer products.

Stay cool and have a fantastic summer with your furry friend!