Let's talk toppings!


Toppings, making tasty things tastier, like ice cream for example, or nachos, but what about our dogs who are on the same kibble morning and night, morning and night morning and zzzzzzz.

It is little wonder that our beloved pooches can turn their noses up at the same meal daily. Even though the right dry kibble is highly nutritious and tasty, the same food can leave our pooches wanting more.

Luckily, we have the answer - tasty toppers such as Salmon Oil, Pate and Wet Food can add some much-needed flavour to tingle those taste buds and have your pup wolfing down their dinner in no time.

Taggarts Salmon Oil

Salmon oil has many benefits (aside from getting our dogs lips smackin; and tails waggin’) it helps Improve coat quality, helps with skin allergies, supports joint function and mobility

JR Pet Products Pate

Pure Pate - nothing else. This is one of our top sellers and top… eh… toppers? 😊  Not only can it be used to add some extra flavour, it can also be used to stuff kongs and cut into training treats. Available in a range of different meats and suitable for those with allergies.

Wet food

Our favourite wet foods? Natures Menu tins, Country Hunter Pouches and Lilys Kitchen. When one of our daycare dogs get a whiff of one of these... we get ready for slobbers...

True Instinct Freeze-Dried Real Chunks

A tasty snack or meal topper, made from 100% premium quality meat with nothing added, nothing taken away. Just wholesome ingredients that provide naturally derived nutrients

Variety is the spice of life and this is especially true with food, while our dogs can’t have a different meal every day, these healthy meal toppers will give them the much-needed flavour to tingle those taste buds and keep them excited about their daily meals.