Furrish Bath Wipes- Baby Powder-Dog grooming-Oh Doggy

Furrish Bath Wipes- Baby Powder

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Convenient, disposable wipes for cleaning dogs’ paws and hair. Useful wherever we do not have access to water and want to clean the dog. Irreplaceable when travelling, after a walk, or simply to refresh the coat between baths. They have been soaked with cleansing substances that gently and safely remove dirt, excess sebum and exfoliated epidermis. They help to collect loose hair from the hair, eliminate unpleasant odours. Their additional advantage is the care and conditioning of the pet’s coat.

Features and Benefits
Keep your Furrish Friend happy and clean in between bath time or after messy fun in the park.
Safely removes dirt, dander, losse hair and tough pet odours.
Enriched with moisurising conditioners to leave skin and coat healthy, shiny and ready for cuddles.
Not contain alcohol that can cause drying and irritation of the epidermis
Suitable for all types of hair


100 wipes
The size of a single wipe is 18x20cm.