Calm Nights Bundle

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Our dogs can be anxious at times, especially when we leave them. This anxiety must be awful for our poor pets who do not know that we will return. While we recommend crate training from a young age and seeking assistance from a trainer for severe anxiety, this bundle will help ease anxiety in your fur child

Bundle contains-

Dream Paws Anxiety Bed- Dream Paws Anxiety reducing plush bed is designed to help calm your pet. High sides for security, our beds are super soft and comfortable. Long fur mimics mother or company and can help to reduce stress and calm dogs with separation anxiety.

Animology Paws & Relax Spray- A soothing lavender formula, Animology Paws and Relax Spray helps calm and relax your dog, reduce odours and keeps your dog’s coat fresh, clean and healthy between washes 

Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits- Lily's Kitchen Famous Bedtime Treats are a delicious and nutritious bedtime biscuit to give to your dog at the end of the day. Traditionally baked using only the finest organic ingredients, they contain honey and yoghurt for their nutritious, digestive and soothing properties as well as organic chamomile and passion flowers to help with a blissful night's sleep.

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