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Nova Buffalo Horn Dog Chew

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Nova Dog Chews’ Buffalo Horn line introduces a robust and durable chewing option that satisfies a dog’s natural inclination to chew while promoting dental health.
Sourced from free-range buffalo, these horns offer a tough, long-lasting texture that keeps dogs engaged and entertained. The natural hardness of the buffalo horn makes it an ideal choice for aggressive chewers, aiding in dental hygiene by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.
Rich in protein and low in fat, these chews provide a healthy and all-natural alternative to synthetic chew toys or treats.
Nova Dog Chews’ commitment to quality ensures that the Buffalo Horn line is free from additives or preservatives, offering a safe and enjoyable chewing experience for dogs of all sizes, making it a reliable choice for pet owners seeking durable, natural, and satisfying chews for their furry companions.
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Nova Buffalo Horn Dog Chew


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