Stay cool this summer 😎

Stay cool this summer 😎

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Tips for dealing with keeping your pets cool during the heatwave and hot weather this summer:

1- Walk your dog early in the morning or late at night. Even if the day is cooler, take regular breaks in the shade and stay hydrated, this collapsible bowl from Beco is the perfect companion for summer adventures. (This one is great too)

2- Walks aren’t the only way to exercise your dog. Try some enrichment activities at home to burn off any extra energy your pup may have. Check out our puzzle toys for some ideas.

3- One of our favourite ways to help our dogs cool down is to give them
a frozen treat or two throughout the day. An easy thing to do in the summer is to cut up fruits and vegetables and keep them in an airtight container in your freezer. Give them to your dog as a fun treat plain, or put them in a Kong and freeze for a longer lasting treat. We recommend carrots, blueberries and apples (no seeds).

4- If you are chilling in the garden make sure you have plenty of water available, shade and raised beds or cooling mats can be a great way to help keep cool.

5- Brush away any extra fluff your dog maybe carrying at this time of the year to help them keep cool. 

6- Paw Patrol- if the tarmac is hot, it can burn paw pads, stay off hot tarmac, simply test with your hand, if it’s hot to touch it’s too warm to walk on. Maybe try a shaded wooded area?

7- Never leave your fur baby alone in a hot car. 

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